• Licorice Extract Powder

    Licorice Extract Powder

    Benefits of Licorice extract powder can be use in medical uses or foond industry.licorice powder has some benefits on body and skin and teeth and more

Licorice Extract Powder

Licorice Extract Powder

Licorice Extract Powder, Licorice Powder, Buy Licorice Powder

We Produce Licorice Powder (Licorice Extract Powder).

We can produce Liquorice Extract Products with any Analysis that you may want.'

Our Licorice Root Pure Powder is composed primarily of 18ß-Glycyrrhetinic Acid, which is a known potent anti-inflammatory and anti-redness compound. The active component 18ß-Glycyrrhetinic Acid is structurally similar to that of cortisol, and potentiates the anti-inflammatory activity of cortisol by inhibiting its intracellular inactivation.

Both molecules are flat and similar at position 3 and 11 which might be the basis for licorice's anti-inflammatory action.  This powder contains little Glabridin, the component of Licorice used in cosmetic products for its skin whitening effect.  Its targeted usefulness is as an anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory agent.

Licorice extract powder can be use in :

  • Sensitive skin products
  • Anti-acne products
  • Sun care products
  • Post depilatory products
  • After shave products
  • Lotions for insect bites
  • Hypoallergenic products



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