The side effects of licorice root are primarily connected to glycyrrhizin, so if any of them concern you, DGL licorice is probably the best option. Don’t consume licorice root extract if you’re pregnant or have heart, liver or kidney issues.

If you do consume licorice root extract, the recommended dosage is a maximum of six grams a day when used for a 130-pound person in order to limit the amount of glycyrrhizin.Side effects to watch for include edema, high blood pressure, low potassium levels and chronic fatigue.

Also, licorice extract shouldn’t be taken longer than four weeks.DGL licorice can be taken longer, but caution is always on your side with potent herbal medications, and giving yourself a break periodically is recommended. When pursuing licorice root benefits, be sure to consider the ultimate cause of the issue. Treat with a holistic approach instead of merely addressing the symptoms to prevent the need for long-term consumption

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